I love the Holidays. I love being with family. I love eating all the food. I love giving Christmas gifts. I love ALL things Christmas! But I know that sometimes it’s hard thinking of gifts to get those you love. So I came up with a list of gift ideas that might help inspire wellness in all areas of life: body, mind and spirit.

Gift number 1:

Berkey water filter. For that picky water drinker who only drinks fresh, clean water. (*raises hand*). I got to drink from my friend’s Berkey recently and it tastes amazing and is a bit more affordable than installing a whole house water filtration system.

Gift number 2:

For the eco-conscious friend: A travel Bamboo Utensil set! Makes a great stocking stuffer, too.

Gift number 3:

Instant Pot. You can refer back to my blog here where I rave about the amazing kitchen gadget this is! Seriously a game changer in my busy family’s life. We are a family of 4 and have the 6qt.

Gift number 4:

A two for one suggestion in this one: These two books have been game changers in my spiritual walk with Jesus. First: The Deborah Anointing.  This book is for that woman in your life that is about to change the world because of her faith in Jesus.

Second: Fake or Follower.  This book is for anyone who wants a deeper look at what it means to follow Jesus with their whole being, for the follower of Jesus that is in but wants to do deeper, further into their faith.

Gift number 5:

Audible. I gifted this to my mom recently for her birthday and she has LOVED it. For someone who doesn’t have time to sit down and read, this is a great gift to get through that long list of books you have on your Amazon wish list.  Gift Audible 

Gift number 6:

Write the Word Journal. This devotion was created for that busy mom or dad that may work from home, have littles around and may not experience very ‘quiet’ quiet times with Jesus. This journal is a simple way to read the Bible and hear from Jesus on a daily basis. I highly recommend this as it’s been a HUGE blessing in my life.

Gift number 7:

DoTERRA Home Essentials Starter Kit. Maybe you or someone you know has wanted to get started with essential oils and you just don’t know where to start. The Home Essentials Kit by DoTERRA is how I started and how I recommend just about everyone start. The top 10 oils in this kit will meet 90% of your wants and needs. Click here to figure out how to get started and order this kit.

Gift number 8:

Already have oils? Maybe you need a diffuser. I highly recommend this one from amazon. The long lasting mist can last for up to 10 hours or 16 hours on intermittent. Pair this with OnGuard and you’re healthy family will thank me!

Gift number 9:

Balanced Bite Spices. Created by the amazing Diane Sanfilippo, these spices are not only organic but contain absolutely NO junk and are the best! These are what I cook with just about every day. You can buy one or all of them! Trust me. Delicious! The cook in your life will be SO happy!

Click the link above, then store and you’ll see a drop down menu for Balanced Bite Spices

Gift number 10:

For the teenager in your life that always steals your charger. This mobile battery charger has been a huge game changer in our life. Not only is it a similar size to an iPhone (so keeping it in your pocket isn’t awkward) but it charges SUPER fast. Which is really nice when you have 2% battery and need to check Instagram. In fact, I know just who I’m giving this to this Christmas. (I may or may not have teenage niece/nephews in my life *wink*).

There you have it! My Top 10 Christmas gifts this season.  If you use one (or all!) will you comment on my instagram post (here) and let me know! I’d love to know which ones you picked to gift to your friends and family.

*disclaimer, i do earn a small commission on any purchases via this blog. 

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