For the past few months I have been battling some skin issues. At first it was an itchy rash that showed up in my right armpit. I thought it might have something to do with my deodorant. It would come and go. And then it showed up again and never left. Can I tell you how awkward it is to have a rash in your armpit?? This has completely changed my workout wear. UGH.

Here’s what I think happened:

(but before I get into it, let me just say I am NOT a doctor. I cannot diagnose, cure, or prescribe. These are my own theories on what my body is doing.)

Last year was one of the most busiest times in my life. I often say I was at max capacity. I have a pretty high capacity for fitting things into my schedule, but last year was a bit crazy. *Also – I measure years in school years… so when I say last year, I meant Aug 2016-June 2017.*

I worked full time in the education system. I started studying with the NTA in September. My kids’ lives didn’t slow down. During the fall sports season, my son played soccer AND fall ball (fall baseball), my daughter did competitive gymnastics AND soccer, with me as her soccer coach. In late winter/early spring we hosted a German couple (who were interning at our church). [I was still studying with the NTA.] They stayed a few months. (This was also probably one of the biggest highlights of 2017!). I started coaching boys volleyball for the umpteenth year. [And still studying.] (I love coaching, if you couldn’t tell.) And then at the end of the school year, I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association with my NTP certification. (2016/2017 had many many highlights!!)


So what does this have to do with my rash??


I believe that because my body was in a prolonged state of stress, my cortisol levels protected me from anything crazy. When the summer came, and I began to relax and decompress, my cortisol levels started to normalize. This is all an assumption as I look back on last year. I did not have my levels tested.  I also let me guard down and ate some pretty nutrient void, overly processed food during those summer months. Opps. And then the rash came. Small at first… then disappeared. Then it came back. And grew… and grew.


I tried a handful of different essential oils to get it to calm down. The only thing that gave it any relief was using doTERRA’s Correct X. It didn’t go away. But didn’t itch as bad when I used Correct X. At one point — and I can’t remember when exactly — it started to spread up my arm. Before it was hideable under my short sleeves… but not any more. *sigh*.


January 2018 – I  started coaching a 21-Day Sugar Detox group and I joined them in the detox process as well. The second week into the detox I had a major flare up! Holy mother of pearl, it flared like crazy!!! I was about to go crazy until I read that rashes and acne are a sign of detox. It was at this time I became seriously about my supplements. I was taking them but only here and there. I had just listened to someone talk about doTERRA’s Zendocrine complete complex that assists the liver in detox, so I ordered that. I began to take supplements to support digestion, liver and gallbladder function with every meal. I added some megaspore probiotic in my morning and evening meals. My [undiagnosed] eczema started to get better but still had some flare ups throughout the day. I finally narrowed it down to nuts. I love almonds but noticed after a speaking engagement, where I had some 21DSD approved apple cobbler, my armpit was super irritated. So for the last week of the detox I stopped eating nuts. And wouldn’t you know, my rash began to heal! OOOOOH BABY!


It still has some major healing to go. I also created a homemade coconut oil balm with some essential oils to assist in soothing my rash.

I used:

Roman Chamomile






I added about 10-20 drops of each into some coconut oil (not fractionated) and I rub it on in the mornings and evenings. Sometimes I add extra drops of Frankincense… because… Frankincense.  


My rash is still healing. I am (for the most part) still eating on the 21DSD, avoiding nuts and keeping up with supplements. What I want you to know is that as your skin presents irritations in whatever type of form, only putting a topical cream does not address the underlying, root issue. Most likely it’s a gut issue. Or a detox issue (aka liver). Or something else that will need further investigation. It is a lot of work and it’s frustrating but I’m in it for the long haul because I want to see and experience healing.


If you’d like to work with me – send me an email and we can chat!

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