I’ve been on this ‘voyage to wellness’ ever since my son was born. If you don’t know the story, brief overview: the first  37 weeks of my first pregnancy I fed my body crap food. I used the excuse “I’m pregnant and I’m craving orange soda, Chinese food, Taco Bell, etc.” I went in for my 37th week appointment and was diagnosed with preeclampsia. If you’ve never heard of it, google it. I had an emergency c-section because my kidneys started to fail. The long road of recovery was hard and got me thinking that food might have something to do with my health. Fast forward a year and a half later when we decided to start trying for our second baby. I changed my diet. I avoided crap food (for the most part) and sure enough got pregnant and avoid preeclampsia. Whatever the research out there on preeclampsia, there is nothing to suggest that a poor diet links to preeclampsia. All I know is my story. And my story has propelled me to where I am now.

Nutrition is the foundation of health. What you feed your body is either going to hurt it or help it. My kids know this. In fact, my kids have been listening to me ramble about health and food and essential oils that my oldest child can educate his classmate on constipation. You laugh, but it’s true. I got a text from a mom-friend of mine telling me the suggestions my son gave her son on the topic of constipation. You can see the rest of the story here: instagram.com/voyagewellness

But don’t get me wrong—getting my kids to eat healthy is not all sunshine and rainbows. Just because they know what they should do, doesn’t mean they always do it. And neither do we. So, for the next 21 days this October, we are all on the 21 Day Sugar Detox. My oldest child struggles with focusing in class. He gets good grades on tests but often times doesn’t finish class notes or finishes and doesn’t turn them in. Progress reports came in this past week. As a result, and perfect timing, we will be cleaning up our diets. A reset. A detox. [side note: we are also supporting him with essentials oils to help him focus in class. He carries them in his backpack and uses them when he needs.]

I know what you’re thinking…  “my kids would never or could never do that!” You’re right. Because that type of thinking or mindset is projecting on them the inability to do something hard. So you’re right. They could not and would not do a sugar detox. And this type of mindset isn’t helpful. In fact, it can be very detrimental. However, you get to be the parent. You get to decide what your family eats. And although it may seem hard (it is hard but not impossible) it is most certainly doable. Doesn’t mean there won’t be battles and tears and tantrums—that’s what sugar does, right? [always blame the sugar, because it’s definitely not my parenting. Ok well maybe a  little bit of my genetics plays a roll in it.] But it gets easier. You’ll get into the routine and swing of things. As you teach your kids, they become empowered about their health, their bodies. They start to educate those around them when they get funny stares in the lunch room. They help their friends who are constipated. And then, 21 days later, when the detox is over… you will all be so proud of yourselves that it just might propel you forward into your own healing—both individually and as a whole family unit. 

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